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This website is for anyone who suffers from Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) as well as their friends and family.

Here you will find information about the condition, as well about the PHA South Africa organisation.

Patient Stories


The articles below are written by South African PH patients and family members of PH patients.

PHASA Memorial.



My name is Denneys Niemandt, a 53 year old male from Cape Town in South Africa, and was diagnosed with PULMONARY HYPERTENSION in 2007.

At that stage I was 1 of only 10 known cases of Pulmonary Hypertension cases in South Africa. My frustration is not the fact that I have this dreaded disease, but because comparing to the UK and other overseas countries, there is so little known about the disease in South Africa.

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January 2010

I have read your articles with interest and this is my story.

My name is Sandra Small I am 55 years old and have a daughter, Shanna, who is 30.

I was diagnosed with PPH in October 2000, after having collapsed on a short hike at Suikerbos Rand near Heidelberg in Gauteng in August of the same year.

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In this picture is my Husband Nico, my daughter Janke, and me Nicolene



My story began in July 2007 when I was advised by a dietician to use a diet pill to lose some weight. I was trying to get pregnant and already stopped using the contraceptive pill 18 months before that. I did not want to gain any more weight with another pregnancy, so I used the diet pill for only one month. Suddenly I had shortness of breath, was easily getting tired. I went to my GP to do an ECG as my cousin died 3 year prior of heart failure after giving birth to her son. I knew that I had a wonderful pregnancy with Janke, but was afraid that something could go wrong as on my mother?s side of the family, they had heart problems; my great-grandmother, grandfather and two of his brothers died of heart attacks.

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Carmen Miller

Tylor Miller

My Name is Carmen Miller, this is not my history but that of my 9 year old little boy.

My son Tylor was born a healthy normal little boy on 17 February 2004, or at least so we thought. After about three months of his birth I started noticing something strange in Tylor’s behaviour in the early hours of the mornings. Being a first time mum I had no idea what to look for much less what to be aware of.

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